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Thread: Official NFA pic thread

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    What's going on up here? epsylum's Avatar

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    Official NFA pic thread

    Now that we have our own place, lets kick this off right by posting up pics of your NFA items.

    I am still working on my first, but it is the one in my avatar (RPB M11-A1 .380). I figure if that if I am going to jump into the NFA world, might as well make it with both feet and go FA right off the bat.
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    NFA Enabler bigcraig's Avatar

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    My suppressed 9mm SBR.

    My "go to" gun, Noveske barrelled 10.5" SBR with AAC M4-2000 mod 06'.

    SWR Trident 9 suppressor on one of my G17's.

    My Ruger MKII 22/45 with Pac-lite upper & Tac-Innovations Stratus suppressor.

    And my Serbu Super Shorty.
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    Wish I owned an NFA item
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    Silencers Have NEVER Been Illegal !
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    My Sendra M16 with Tactical Innovations "Quest" .22lr suppressor.
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    My SBR Mini UZI:

    Vector SMG:


    Auto Connector:

    Ruger 10/22 (With Norell Trigger Pack)

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    Nothing special, but mine:

    S&W 76

    Reising M50

    Suppressed Ruger/Ceiner 77-22

    Walther PPK

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    Marksman glocktoys's Avatar

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    hk usp tactical with aac evo-45 can

    glock 21sf with evo-45 can

    the walther p22 with gemtec outback II can and some hk91 and my supernove 12guage

    need some new pics of my new toys but don't have any now

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    Certified Glock Nut shooter521's Avatar

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    Little pics will have to do for now...

    Ruger 22/45 w/ Gemtech Outback:

    SWD M-11/9 slowfire conversion:

    AR 9mm SBR:

    AK105 5.45mm SBR:

    LMT 10.5" 5.56mm SBR:

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    Marksman glocktoys's Avatar

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    my glocks. g21 .45acp w/aac evo-45 and the g19 9mm with evo-9, sorry the g27 has not gotten "TREATED" to a suppressor yet (maybe a evo-40 or yhm can)

    bhp 9mm w/ evo-9

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