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    Quote Originally Posted by Hop View Post
    It looks like things are speeding up a bit. It might be time to send in my two Form 4 paper trusts. I hated the idea of .gov keeping my $ for over a year so have just sat on these two suppressor stamp requests. They were practically free cans anyway. I haven't missed not having them.
    This was my first NFA experience and I'm pleasantly surprised.

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    Form 4 Individual
    Purchased 5/23/19 (through SS)
    Check cashed 7/2/19
    Stamp in hand 10/15/19
    115 days from check cashed to stamp in hand

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    Just got (2) back for customers that were both Form 4 individuals. Check cashed on 1/2/19 and 7/12/19 and they were approved 10/2/19 and 10/3/19. Both back in our hands 10/10/19. Not sure what happened on the 2nd one. It was a Silencerco free one from the promo they ran in 2018. Hope this is a sign of things to come but I won't hold my breath.

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    Called to check in on my paperwork. Finally approved!

    Form 4, Trust, 2 responsible persons.
    Received by ATF 9/7/18
    Approved 10/22/19
    Stamp at dealer - ????

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    Apparently there is a research hold on mine and the ATF needs to speak to the dealer....ugh. Apparently they tried to notify us on the 17th, but I haven't heard anything.

    On a side note, it looks like that is the same day Charlie had some sort of surgery and was supposed to be at home recovering.

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    Thunderbeast Ultra 9 30cal
    F4 individual
    Check cashed 1/9/19
    Approved 10/21/19
    Waiting on stamp

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    Yankee Hill Phantom M2 5.56
    Form 4 Individual
    Bought : 10-21-2019
    ATF charged card : 10-25-2019
    Approved :
    Stamp received :

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    Trust form 4 w/ 1 RP
    mailed off 9-12-18
    approved 10-22-19
    received 11-4-19

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    Trust form 4
    Mailed 11/22/18
    CC hit for $200 on 11/29/18
    Approved 10/24/19
    Received 11/4/19
    340 Days.
    Amazing Grace, how sweet was her sound.

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    Maybe I'm a lucky one. I sent paperwork in on 2 SBR,S late June. Received them back Oct 1st. I heard all the horror stories of 12 months or more.

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