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    That is a very cool article. I wonder what would come of a DNA test on those slides...
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    There is a lot of evidence that points to the Ripper having been an American, James Kelly. The proof discovered by Ed Norris is very convincing.

    44-D’s True Crime: Discovery Channel’s Jack the Ripper in America | 44-D
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    Very good article indeed. As for the DNA on the slides, there was no DNA testing back when the killings happened, so there would be nothing to match the DNA to. Even if they were to exhume the bodies, there would be nothing but bone and teeth left. No blood, no flesh, no DNA.

    Would be nice to know if it's true. As of now it's just what someone believes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckcollins2003 View Post
    No blood, no flesh, no DNA.

    not 100% true. depending on the preservation of the bodies, traces of marrow in the bone could still be present which could provide dna markers. not likely because of lenth of time since the murders happened, and the means of preserving the corpses, but if they exhumed the bodies and were able to find trace deposits of marrow in the bone, they could possibly do dna testing. that's a bunch of what ifs and maybes in that though.

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    One thing this article is neglecting to mention is that tip of the knife is broken. The article lists it as a "surgeon's knife", but its too big to be a scalpel for the era and not the right length or blade type for an amputation or autopsy. Not saying it wasn't used for surgery (or murder), just not sure it would be the precison tool that the ripper killings called for.

    To answer the question though, it looks a lot like a small Seax, a Viking knife.

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