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Thread: Boker Nano?

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    Boker Nano?

    Anybody have a Boker Nano and care to share a review? Thanks!

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    The fact that the Boker nano is a production version of an Indiana knife maker (Dave Curtiss) custom design is definitely its most redeeming aspect. I'm sure it is not a substitute for the real deal. However, we all know that high quality customs are fairly pricey and involve some wait time. For the money, around 40$, the Boker nano is totally worth it. It is smaller than you would think. You can get a comfortable three finger grip on it with your thumb on the spine gymping. It works fine clipped to the pocket. I have also used it as a money clip. The 440C has developed some rust probably due to, my own error, putting it away without completely wiping it down. The rust was easily remedied with some REM wipes. I have the toxic green plain edge version; there are others available on Blade HQ. I have also noticed that the plastic handle material zytel is not as rugged as g10. But, G10 is not really needed in such a small blade. The zytel does not collect dirt and appear dirty like toxic green g10 tends to do. I'd say the detent is near perfect. I can easily open it one handed using the cut out in the blade. From the factory, it came sharp but not Benchmade sharp! Touching up the edge on a ceramic rod sharpener was easy. Maintaining the edge angle is also easy on a free hand stone due to the short blade The stainless steel lock up is solid. The knife it also very easy to take apart and put back together. If I were you I would get that Boker Nano and decide if you want to order a custom in the future.

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    Sweet man thanks for the review! Rep inbound.

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    I don't have a boker but I had a curtiss nano and they are very cool little knives! very sheeple friendly. Most of the boker reproductions have been pretty solid as of late. for 40 bucks I would say give it a try.

    However if you want to save up some cash you can usually find used custom nano's for about $200 bucks.

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    Got it and love it....nice little knife...even small than what I pictured but a nice knife.

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    I recently used my Nano and Benchmade triage to field dress a deer. The nano's blade shape preformed well and it stayed sharp throughout.

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