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    Haha, I had this hunch that saying what I did would get offers on the XM-18 :P
    Sorry, but it probably will never be for sale. It's one of those knives that I just couldn't imagine parting with.
    I'd say 95% of my knives are "expendable" if I'm just not feeling them anymore, but the Hinderer isn't one of those.

    p.s. It's a spanto grind

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    I picked up one from House of Blades and the damn thing came with a stripped screw head! It's currently at ZT for warranty repair. It's a little disappointing to spend this much on a knife and it arrive with a stripped screw. It may wind up on ebay when I get it back. It's a great knife but, I buy knifes to use. It would make a great user but, its too much $$ for me to use. The stripped screw thing has also left a bad taste in my mouth.

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