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    New Knive Sharpner, Thanks Brad!

    Just got my new knife sharpener thanks to Brad for getting me a good price and great service.

    I must say this is my first time dealing with Brad but after seeing what everyone says I figure I would try him out on an easy purchase like this.

    I wanted a Lansky 5 piece with the seration sharpner, I was a little nervous ordering it from someone I had never dealt with since there is a quite a few combinations of sharpeners you can get and still even a few different 5 pieces. Brad was very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process and the exact kit came in today that I had hoped for.

    I will do some sharpening tonight to test it out, give you guys my review of its performance as well as post some before and after pics of some knives.

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    Brad and Sheila and super people to deal with!

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    Pics to come tomorrow guys, sorry it took so long.

    I have been using the sharpner and it works great! I started with some crappy kitchen knives and it put a razor edge on these at 20 degrees in a matter of minutes. I was able to start with the 120 grit and work my way up to the 1000 grit.

    I have also sharpened some 154CM and D2 steel at 25 degrees and it did great on these as well. It did take much longer, dont expect to be able to sharpen too many of the tougher steel blades in one night, your hand and arm will get sore after about 2 of them. while it does take longer the edge it put on them was great!!

    Overall I am very happy with this purchase, I have never been able to get the edge on my knives so good. It really is a great way to put a great edge on a knife without having to learn the art of sharpening free hand on a stone.
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    I bought a Kalashnikov 74 Auto off Brad a few weeks ago. Nice guy and easy to deal with, and got a real cool knife to boot. Thinking about getting a couple more for Christmas presents.

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    I have put some pics below, This was my first run at it with an old crappy kitchen knife. I wanted to get the hang of it before I started on my nicer knives.

    The pics start before I sharpened to the finished product. It might be a little hard to tell but you can see with the 120grit, then to the 280grit, then the 600 grit and the 1000grit put almost a mirror finish on the edge... Pretty happy about that.
    If you look close you can see the grits marking on the knife and how they get smoother as it progresses then on the final pic you can see how it did on a piece of paper.
    photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 4.JPGphoto 5.JPG

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