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    I admire old axes and hatchets but I'm not into using or collecting them much like a buddy of mine. The Collins name is popular around here since they were produced locally from the 1820's until 1966 when they closed down. Then the name was bought out and lived on until 2003.
    Another local producer was Stanley, but not nearly as large as Collins which was the largest producer in the world.
    Both companies sold internationally, and reasonably priced axes and hatchets of both can be found on eBay.

    Collins Pt. 1

    Stanley Axes

    My wife's relative worked for Collins and handed down a presentation machete that was specially polished and made to be presented to foreign dignitaries. It's a factory 2nd and not first quality, but it's still a nice example to look at. But I haven't had it out for a long time to be able to take photos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by .356luger View Post
    Well show it off!
    I finally remembered to get a pic of my Kelly small double bit

    Photobucket SUCKS!

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    Nice paper label cruiser. I just finshed a no brand boys axe that looks like it was ground down once before and that removed the makers mark.

    and an rehandled an old craftsman hatchet

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