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    Regret, salvation, and the magic of Nova512 (Rob at Profire)

    Grab your popcorn and listen to a tale of woe!

    I picked up a sweet Cassel knife a couple years ago, and of course began to cut and chop everything I could find. After dulling it up pretty good, I decided I was skilled enough to sharpen it. Not only was I skilled enough to sharpen it, but I was smart enough to thin the edge out just a bit to make it more Well, I mangled it on my wheel sharpener. I didn't thin it out, I didn't make it sharper, I just made the edge...busy. I considered sending it back to Joe to have him fix it, but decided he had enough going on without having to worry about my stupid decisions. Cubby stands by his products, but this one was on me. After losing hope that my beautiful girl would ever be whole again, I used a cheap-o sharpener to get it to the point of at least being useful again.

    Enter Nova512, AKA Rob at Profire.

    I sent Rob a message here on INGO relating my awful plight, or more accurately the knife's awful plight. He had me meet him at Profire and I handed over my busy little butter knife. Spoken like a skilled surgeon, he said it would be a tough job but he could save the patient. The next day I got a message back saying it was done and I could swing by Profire and pick it back up! The end result was amazing. Not only was this knife sharper than new, but the edge was reprofiled and polished to a mirror finish as shown in my crappy photo below:

    Although I tried to keep this testimonial entertaining, I do want to say what a wonderful job Rob did. I literally could have licked the blade on this knife and not cut my tongue before, but now it's a razor blade. Had you seen this knife before Rob went to work on it, you probably would have given up hope too. If you have need any knives sharpened, head over to Profire to see Rob. You can get an amazing edge on your blade and pick up more reloading supplies while you're there. If that's not a win-win situation, I don't know what is.

    *This post approved and endorsed by the Committee to Keep Sharp Things Sharp.
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    Rob makes those things so sharp, I think they may be illegal in 17 states. That guy is awesome.

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    I love hearing stories like this. Thanks. Oh, and I LOVE my Cassel knife.

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