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    Needing Christmas knife suggestions

    'Tis the season. I'm looking for ideas on pocket knives as Christmas presents. What are the best folders <$25? <$35? <$50? Bonus points if they're carried by Brad.
    Things I'm looking for:
    Acceptable steel
    Reputable brand
    One handed deployment (nice but not absolute)
    SOLID lockup
    Good EDC knives that you'd be glad to own, but not cry for too long if lost.
    Pocket knives for guys that aren't super-serious knife guys.

    Some examples I'm considering: CRKT Drifter, Kershaw Chill, Cryo, Clash, Skyline, Buck Vantage, and Ontario Rat.

    Thanks in advance.
    Christian. Husband. Rifleman.

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    I've only got experience with the Ontario Rat. I've had it for about a year now and its been a great knife.

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    I like the Benchmade Griptillian, its a great knife and reasonably priced for the entry into the the knife world.

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    Stay Picky my Friends
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    Spyderco has quite a few also.

    check out the Native, Delica, Endura, etc

    Also check out the Kershaw Leak

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    Lightning OTF
    Not sure if Brad carries them, but they're very good/fun for the $$.(Own 3, very sharp when new and hold their edge)

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    Victorinox SAKs.

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    Alrighty time for the knife nut to play.

    For around $30 I recommend the Kershaw Thermite it is a Rick Hinderer design so its a lot like a ZT0560 and a XM18. Kershaw Thermite Flipper Spring Assisted Knife (3.5" Stonewashed) 3880 - Blade HQ
    I like the Thermite because it is a little larger than the Cryo so it fits my hand better. Now it is China made but for the price what do you expect.

    For around $75 I highly recommend the Spyderco Manix 2 it is made in the USA with premium S30V or CTS-XHP steel and it is super light. It is the knife I recommend to all of my friends looking to get into knives. The craftsmanship is superb and the blue one (also comes in black and one with stainless steel liners) is super lightweight. If you are a nutnfancy guy he gave this knife an 11/10
    The lock the Manix uses is called a captured ball lock it is very close to the AXIS lock used by benchmade and the Spyderco has life sharp and lifetime warrantys same as benchmade. I genuinely like it better than the Griptillian as the Manix has better steel and I prefer the handle of the Spydie.
    Spyderco Manix 2 Knife Translucent Dusk Blue 86mm (3.39" Satin Plain) C101PBL2 - Blade HQ
    "Spyderco Manix 2: To The Elevens" by Nutnfancy (Model C101BL2) - YouTube (Nutnfancy review)

    I hope this helps and I know for sure Brad carries these knives.
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    Kershaw leek, and blur are my absolute favorites in your price range. I also have the clash, scallion, and rat-1, but none of those are on the same level.

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    This is OkieGirl's EDC. Meets most of your requirements. It is a little small for my big hands but it is a cool knife. (Hers is the all black version - very cool).

    Mini MyTighe Knife | EDC Folding Knives | CRKT
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I was mainly looking for a gift for my father-in-law. I looked at a bunch of knives, then narrowed it down to my five favorites. I showed them to my wife, and she says her dad has never owned a knife like any of them. Apparently he has only owned slipjoint knives and she doesn't think he would like anything else. Then she told me she'd rather get him something else anyway. Ah well. Wives, what are ya gonna do?

    Hopefully the thread can help someone else looking for a Christmas present or a good deal on budget knives.

    Christian. Husband. Rifleman.

    WTB: 243 reloading components

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