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    Okay, stop by for a beer sometime and lets get you some 101 stuff, because a 4x36 should be taking that off quickly with a 50-80grit belt. I've got a few in process and could at least point you in a better direction. I also have a bad saw, so if you need to cut your blank out, we can do that as well.


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    My belt sander is a cheapo 1x30. It put a great polish on it, but didn't take off the material as fast as I'd have hoped it was going to. I'll check with my commanding officer and see when she'll allow me some time for a beer. I need to get out of the house anyway.

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    Most of the time I work with a heat treated blank, but sometimes, when I don't, I make up the rough outline and grinds, then send it off to

    Peter's Heat Treat
    Peters Heat Treat Inc.-Precision Part Specialists

    Tell them what steel, what Rockwell C you want.
    They do a great job.

    If you need a small blank that is already treated or not, try

    Peter or Aldo @
    NJ Steel Baron | Quality Steel for Quality Blades

    You can say I sent you, we go used to through tons.
    Now we buy direct from the sources.

    And keep making knives, it's fun.

    If you want to learn more, come to a Grind In.
    Grind-In | The BRKCA

    Draw quickly, Shoot carefully.

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