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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill of Rights View Post
    I'm not sure the authenticity of this video, but it illustrates what Rhino is saying.

    And with over 11 million views, I think it shows his point, that such things are interesting.

    Thanks for posting, Brad.


    Bruce Lee died in 1973 and this is an ad for a cell phone... Bruce Lee Ping-Pong

    And yes the Bali video is interesting because it is real. The Bruce Lee video...not so much.
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    Bruce Lee trained with Forrest Gump for a whole year prior to filming that commercial.

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    This winter has made my hands look like I tried to demonstrate these skills... And failed miserably. That's as close as I'll get.

    Regardless of the subjective value one might see in ANY hobby, it is admirable to see someone put forth the effort to be good at something they enjoy.

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    That guy is good!

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    Scary and cool

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