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    OTF or side auto?


    I'm looking to pick up my first auto with the money Uncle Sam decided to graciously give back to me. I'm torn between an OTF or a side open. I feel like the side open would be more practical, but clearly the OTF has more of the "cool" factor. I was hoping some folks here would have some experience with either/both. I'm also hoping to get some recommendations for potential purchases. Since it's my first auto I'm putting my ceiling at $200-$250. Also, if anybody has any recommendations as to where I can pick one up in or around Indy it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Side or OTF is really going to come down to your preference. As you said OTF definitely has the cool factor but there is a lot a technology inside it to make it work. That being said OTF can be less reliable. Microtech makes one of the best quality OTF in my opinion, benchmade also makes a great OTF. If you do go with an OTF I might suggest a Microtech Ultratech. There are alot of different blade configurations to choose from and its a great OTF in that price range. Your options for a quality side auto are going to be a bit broader because there are a wider range of quality models. Both are awesome, so you will just have to decide. As far as where to get them call Brad from Bradsknives. He carries everything I just talked about, has best prices, provides excellent customer service and is an INGO advertiser. You can PM him on here his users name is "Bradsknives"

    Good luck with your choice.

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    Read great reviews for Brad here:

    Brad's Knives & Knife Lady

    Contact info for Brad:

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    I went with an OTF (Microtech Troodon) that I bought off of Brad. It is an awesome EDC and I am glad I went with OTF over a "side" auto. If I need something for a tougher task I just go to any of my other folders.

    I am sure you would be pleased with an ultratech and Brad is definitely the way to go about purchasing one! The resale / trade value on them is great so IF you decided you wanted a side auto you wouldn't be out much.

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    Microtech! You will not be disappointed.

    I carry the UTX-70 as it is courthouse legal.

    Microtech CA Legal UTX-70 S/E OTF Automatic Knife (1.9" Stonewas Plain) 148-10CA - Blade HQ

    Kirk Freeman, INGO's Dennis Miller of gun culture references

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