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    Mora Classic #2 or Mora Companion

    I am in the market for a cheap bushcraft style use knife. I did some researching and these were the two that popped up the most. I am stuck on which one to buy.

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    they are cheap enough. get them both. which ever one you like the most keep as your bushcraft/woods bumming blade. the other one toss in a go bag somewhere or in the glove box. they weigh nothing and will come in handy on a regular basis. I have them thrown all over the place. every vehicle. bags, purses diaper bag lol.

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    I'd get the Companion. It's more ergonomic, and can take more abuse. The Classic is for... the classic look, with wood and leather.

    Mora knife is a great cheap knife. I have (theoretically) better, more expensive knives, but I might feel bad if I damaged or lost them. With a Mora, I can use it however I want.

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    I own 2 Companions and use them for my small knife chores. They have never let me down but the high carbon is a little more high maintenance.

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    I'd go with the companion in non-stainless. For actual using, the grip is better.

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    Ok thanks for the advise, I went with the Companion in Orange.

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