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    Anyone here carry a Buck 110/112?

    Anyone here regularly carry a Buck 110/112? What are your opinions on it as a daily carry?
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    I used to carry them years ago. They were considered the standard back then. Now I guess they're more old school. They were always good , dependable carry knives back then but things have evolved and I think they have been relegated to their place in history. I think I even still have one or two of them somewhere but I would have to dig around and look for them. Just not in my rotation anymore.

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    I have the Titanium scale version and have carried it EDC for 25 years. I have a couple of traditional ones I like too. Not as durable as some of the newer blades, but inexpensive and reliable.
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    I carried a 110 so long ago that this happened:
    Going through what little security there was at the airport, I was stopped and told my Buck couldn't go with me on the plane. The gate attendant said I could put it into the mailing envelope they provided and they would give it to the captain. He would give it back to me when we landed. And that's what they did. I still have it but don't carry it, since I really need the tiny screwdriver on the Wave.
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    I had a 110 several years ago and one of my soldiers borrowed it and snapped the tip off. A friend got me another, and I turned in a company car and somehow forgot I left it in the door, unfortunately. It is a good knife. Hollow grinds will always slice very well, but I'm not a fan due to durability. The steel isn't the greatest, but they really wring the most out of it with their superior heat treat. It is a two hand operation to open and close the blade, unlike some of the newer locking blades. But it is a true classic, and many become heirlooms. It also has a certain class that many newer knives just give up in favor of other qualities.
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    I had one as my go to outside knife for almost 20 years in navy. Came home and broke blade. Contacted Buck and they replaced with new one which I still have. Hard to beat for all around good knife. Of course there are Esee's..........Love them too!!

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    My dad carried one every day. I still have it. Its locked safely in the vault.

    He put a wicked edge on it. I can shave bald spots on my arm its so sharp.
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    When I lost my original Buck 110, I had this one made for me. It's a left-handed automatic.
    It's easy to carry because it came with a leather belt sheath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemachine View Post
    Anyone here regularly carry a Buck 110/112? What are your opinions on it as a daily carry?
    I do when I'm at home. Currently it's a Basspro Buck 110 with a CPM154 blade. Previously it was a standard 110 that had a BG-42 blade upgrade, but I retired that guy after a lot of use (the blade is noticeably smaller from sharpening). I also have a Cabela's Alaskan Guide Buck 110 with a CPM S30V blade.

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    I carried a Buck 110, until it was stolen at work. That was a fantastic knife. And you really cant beat the price. I think I am gonna get an auto one next.
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