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    Spyderco Sharpmaker vs. Lanksy Diamond Stone set

    Just curious which is more user friendly and in general sharpens better for a beginner?

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    I like my spyderco's. I bought both of them used from people that said they could not get their knives sharp and hated them. Never owned the other one.
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    I have a Lansky style sharpener that I like because it really helps keep a steady angle. The spyderco has worked well for touch ups, but so does the bottom of a ceramic coffee cup.
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    The sharpmaker is for touch ups and general knife maintenance. If you need to actually sharpen a knife I would stay away from that system. I have no experience with the lansky however
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    Get the diamond sticks for your Spyderco and you are good. I've sharpened some seriously dull stuff with those and used the brown and white to get it the rest of the way.
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    I have both, and have better lock with the spyderco, I seem to get a sharper edge, I did buy the extra fine sticks, and use them a lot, I shoud break down and buy the diamond sticks but haven't yet.
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    I've used both. The spydie system is most definitely easier and faster for me.

    Add on the diamond stones and extra fine stones, and it'll do everything from serious re-profiling to mirror-edge touchups.
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    If you go with a Lansky style you might look at Gatco Edgemate because the sharpening stones are wider than the Lansky stones.

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    I have both and much prefer the Sharpmaker with the addition of the diamond rods. The Lansky sits in a drawer.

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