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    I own many 'deer hunting knives' but always come back to the Buck 110.

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    Cold Steel master hunter or Pendleton hunter

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    A Buck 110 is the classic, but it's possible the fellow already has one. You can't go wrong with a Buck 110, especially if you get one of the custom shop or dealer exclusive editions with an upgrade blade steel like CPM S30V.

    If it's to get him a nice working knife for field dressing and skinning dear, then a 3.5 - 4.5" drop point or semi skinner fixed blade is probably the best bet (disclosure: I'm not a hunter and I haven't cleaned anything bigger than a squirrel, so my recommendation is based on my knowledge of the knife itself). I would look start the search at an ESEE 3HM and use that as your baseline for price point, design, quality, etc.

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    Friend has a SOG Seal Pup that works well, not to big/not to small -kinda Goldielocks in size. About $60.00 Not American made is a downside for me. Taiwan I

    I've carried this one from Buck for a few years. I like it, it's a little heavy for me when working inside the chest area for the diaphragm and esophagus but I like it. It holds an edge well.

    I've also carried a mora knife. Scary sharp out of the box.

    Morakniv® Companion Fixed-Blade Knife : Cabela's

    Good luck, lots of choices.

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    If you TURELY wish to impress him and he does know enough about knives to appreciate a great one I can not recommend strongly enough the Bravo 1 by Bark River Knives.
    If you can not afford the cost of a BRK Bravo-1, I have 3 Buck Vanguards and are Very impressed with how sharp I can get them and how easily I can resharpen them. I own quite a large collection of hunting knives including a BlackJack Trail Guide, A.G. Russle Deer & Bird Hunters, Cold Steel Master Hunter, Three 420HC Buck Vanguards, a Mini Vanguard, a 2 Buck Mini Alpha Hunters, made in USA Uncle Henry Pro Hunter, USA Made Old Timer Deer Deer Syler, BRK knives Bravo-1 and a few I cant recall from Kershaw and Gerber and several whos names escape me at this moment.

    I take great pride in being able to put a SCARY hair popping way beyond razor sharp edge on a knife, and out all of my sub $100 knives I feel my Buck Vanguards are the best by far in what a hunter needs in a hunting knife. Buck has their heat treat of their 420HC steel down stone cold. so if your budget is under $100 I just don't see how you can beat a Rose Wood handle Buck Vanguard fixed blade knife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armyvet209 View Post
    Check out the benchmade hidden canyon hunter and saddle mountain skinner
    Benchmade's Saddle Mountain Skinner is my go to. Served me well on whitetail & elk.
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    he declined my 110 during our first hunt. Blade was a little long for him.

    Unfortunatly two two of the three of us had the flu during our scheduled hunt. So no joy this year.

    I did purchase the hidden canyon hunter. I think it will hit the mark. I plan on giving it to him next fall. Unless it finds a permanent home here.

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    I enjoy using 3-4 inch drop point blades for field dressing. A nice thick backside to the blade also. Years ago my favorite was the Remington big game folder but as others have stated it took nearly as long to clean up the knife as field dress the deer.

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    ESEE 3 probably the best multiuse knife on the market today. It's relatively inexpensive, it is a true TOOL, multiple uses, small enough for delicate cuts, but large and strong enough to break bones.

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