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    Need a suggestion for a "gift" hunting knife

    Last year, an awesome friend of a friend allowed me to go deer hunting on his family property. My very first time deer hunting.

    I was the only one (of the friend, or the friend of the friend) to actually harvest one.

    And I have been invited back this winter.

    It being my first deer, he was kind enough to field dress it while I watched and tried to learn what he was doing and why. And I kept him in good supply of sharp edges as he used several of the knives that I brought on the trip.

    He expressed a preference for a tidy blade (4" or so). Seems to me a good groove or guard would be in order, but I'm out of my comfort zone.

    I'd really like to make a gift of a solid, usable hunting knife as thanks for the experience. Not a presentation Damascus piece with pearl inlay. But a solid work knife that a deer hunter would appreciate.


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    Sharpshooter Old Dog's Avatar

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    Case, Buck, and Gerber all make good knives at reasonable prices. Go to their web sites and look around, I'm sure you can find something that will meet your needs.
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    Check out the benchmade hidden canyon hunter and saddle mountain skinner

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    Buck 110. End thread.....stays sharp longer than about anything .

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    I am an avid deer hunter and the best knife I have found is the Havalon Piranta. I have given several as gifts to other hunters and the response has always been positive.

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    Tetsu ōkami Ruger_Ronin's Avatar

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    My personal favorite to date is a schrade scrimshaw. Lightweight, small & easy to manuever. VERY sharp. Best field dressing knife i have used thus far (have used case, buck, etc.) You can get one at Wally World for about $20

    I have the Schrade model with deer engraved on handle and blade my father got me a few years ago. I bought him the very one i mentioned from walmart and he said, of all the kinives he's used for field dressing, it is the best to date (hes been hunting for 40+ years!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jzwhts View Post
    Buck 110. End thread.....stays sharp longer than about anything .
    Every man should own this knife, even if not for hunting
    "You only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent"-Fundamentals of chess 1883

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    Buck 110 vote here also. Itís the foundation for any knife collection, even if that is the only knife you ever own.

    Some have Issues with cleaning it out since itís a folder. If that will be an issue, go with the Buck 119. You can get his name put on it if you want.
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    Sharpshooter Vamptepes's Avatar

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    Buck105 or 102. Smaller versions of the 110. Great knives though

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    Knives of Alaska Cub.

    Non slip handle, hole for a lanyard. Holds an edge well.

    Try one, you'll like it.
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