That's why I inspect before buying. I haven't wrote off any of them, and none of them pump out 100% non-defective knives. I just happened to buy that Adamas at what I consider a reasonable price ($130), and it was the last one in stock. So it was returned for a refund. I really despise their MAP policy and think most Benchmade stuff is ridiculously overpriced these days. $195 for a D2 Adamas is just silly.

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Unfortunately , you will see a lemon every once in awhile from just about every company. I have seen them from just about every premiere USA company there is...Spyderco, Benchmade, ZT, Kershaw, and others. The problem is, when a customer gets a lemon, it usually turns that customer off to that brand, which is unfortunate because that "one' lemon usually doesn't represent the normal quality level that comes from the company.
Nope. Had one, and loved it for use.....But sold it because it didn't ride well in my pocket. Replaced it with a PM2 that rides a lot better in the pocket. But I will say the Manix is the best bargain out there at the price they sell for. s30v and a very competent design.

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Are you my long-lost twin brother ?
I love my Manix. It's a bit heavy, but it's sturdy !