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    It's a fun show. Doug Marcaida's regular, solemn pronouncement, "Your blade . . . will kill," is always appreciated.
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    My daughter and I watch it all the time and are still trying to catch up on old episodes on demand. We try to guess who is going forward or what might fail and have a good time with it. The most frustrating thing is when they don't get to do all of the tests due to a failure. (Oooh, apple slice/water bottle slice test! Bet someone's blade is going to break and we won't get to see it.)

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    I enjoy listening to the judged as the work is being done.Every show,I seem to learn something new. J.Neilson is a very accomplished Bladesmith.There are vids where he takes the other judges into his shop,and makes them make their own knives. Doug's vids are very very good also.
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    I've never heard of this show before what station does it come on?

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    History channel

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    Thank you. I'll have to check it out.

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    I was flipping through the channels last night while surfing the web and saw this show listed and passed it up. A couple minutes later, I saw this thread, so I went back and tuned into the show. I watched two episodes and really enjoyed it.

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    I saw it when it first aired. I was like, meh, it's OK.

    Then my wife saw it and was hooked. It beats the alternative, her watching Hallmark Channel movies.
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    I love the show so much I am considering making my own forge. I have done some research on YouTube and have seen many ways to make one. But since I have an old air compressor tank laying around, and I have seen many videos using one of those. And While "Arthur Itis" has kinda beat me up over the years. I figure what the hell, if I'm no good at blade making, I'll have a functioning forge to sell to someone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutnupe14 View Post
    Good friend of mine has been trying to get on that show. I may call him up and see what's up. Doubt it's him though, he hasn't said anything on faceplace, and he's still a little raw.
    UPDATE: Just got the word that he got on. His episode will be airing May 28th @ 9P on the History Channel it will be a military veterans episode. Jon Nagel.

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