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Poll: What type of blade do you like best on a folder?

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    I have always carried partially serrated, either Kershaw or Benchmade. Just this past year I switched to a plain edge Spyderco, and I love it. The resharpening issue that others have pointed out is my issue too. I have the same issue with the Tanto blades. My amateur resharpening messes up the first serrations or the Tanto transition, so I hesitate to sharpen them and wind up with a dull knife in my pocket. This plain edge is easy for me to keep perfect, even when I sharpen it. I'm also loving the Spyderco brand.

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    For my edc pocket knife is straight edge. I use it for cutting open packages, strings, tape, lunch, snacks.... But the the other knife I carry every day is for personal protection needs. This knife is partialy serated blade. So I carry both. each have their use and most used is the pocket knife.
    My question is what about fully serated blades?

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    For EDC I prefer a plain edge.

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    Bead knives are the only knives that should be serrated
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    You are the expert in all things read about on the internet.

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