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    Knives You Will Never Sell

    Some of us get attached to certain knives for a variety of reasons, so those examples go beyond tool into the realm of treasure. I was thinking of this as I was taking photos of some knives to sell earlier this evening. If you'd asked me a year ago, my "never sell" list would have been quite long. Now, it's limited to knives with sentimental value (usually gifts from family and friends) or something that shows enough honest wear from use that a reasonable selling price would make it unwise to sell.

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    I still care....Really
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    I ave 3 that will be with me till its all over.
    They are part of the legacy package I have put together for my kids. Each gets a mouse custom 1911 and one of my knives.
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    A cheap prototype Made by Mel and Joe Pardue, given to me by Joe Pardue at Blade 2015 after spending the evening with the entire Pardue family. It was a proto for OKC, but handmade, it eventually became a $25 Utilitac. This was a joint father son collab that wasn’t chosen as a production model. And my Prototype #002 Emerson Combat Hawk with oak scales from Washington’s Mt Vernon.

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    After selling all of my Emersons a year ago, I really don't have blades worth the trouble of selling.
    Done, done, and I’m on to the next one...

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    Absolutely. My late father was an animal when it came to hand honing. He carried a classic Buck knife. (110?) He kept it RAZOR sharp. No fancy tools or guides, just a set of ceramic crock sticks in the block of wood.

    It sits in my gun safe. How sharp? Lets just say he suffered from a condition of tiny bald patches on his forearms... The result of testing whether it could shave skin or not. That is how he knew he was done... It didnt hurt to remove a bit of hair.
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    In the early 1970's, I was at an Air Force training school on the south side of Denver, CO. I wanted some basic equipment for hiking and backpacking in the nearby Rocky Mountains.
    This Gerber Magnum Hunter cost about $50 at a local outdoor outfitter. It was a major purchase decision, because as a lowly airman, that represented about a week's salary !
    Forty-seven years have passed, and I still relish this knife, and think about the places it has been. No, it'll never be sold.

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    It will all depend on whether any of the 4 grandsons have any interest as they get older and before I assume room temperature.

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    1/4” thick spline knife custom made in Noblesville. Brown wood handle, stained dark blade. My dads neighbor makes knives apparently and he bought me one. Don’t know any details other than it holds an edge like high carbon and super durable. It is my hunting blade now and will never leave me. I’ve got better blades, but this one is special
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    I have an old Schrader fixed blade my older brother had. I found while going through his stuff after he passed.
    I have used it over the last 6 years for about everything. Nothing fancy but the steel is top grade. Stays very sharp with very little effort.
    I will never sell it and my son will own it once I go meet my maker.

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    My grandfather has been doing the later in life dispersement of material possessions thing lately. He has taken to giving me a knife each time I see him. Mostly newer schrades and sharps but there are two he has given me that I will definitely never let go. A USA made Schrade Old Timer and a very basic Victorinox folder that he put a razor sharp edge on at some point.

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