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Thread: Current edc of the moment?

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    Current edc of the moment?

    Whatcha carrying these days? I just got a dlc Spyderco Manix 2 that is going to see some heavy pocket time for awhile. How bout everyone else?

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    A kershaw kuro (cheap spring assisted partially serrated) I've been carrying it for about a year and a half now and it has not had an easy life. Been used for cutting weed eater line, plastic bands, opening countless cardboard boxes, as a screw driver and to pull weeds with. When it needs replaced I would have no problem getting another just like it. One of the best knives for the money in my opinion.

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    At work, a CRKT M-16. Normal EDC is a Spyderco Polestar.
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    CQC-7Mini non-wave, a Spyderco Pacific Salt, And a ClinchPick in a JMCustoms sheath.

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    I still care....Really
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    ProTech Tacticle Auto.
    And in my attempt to channel Rhino I also carry a ZT350 on my belt.
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    Old no name pocket knife.
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    Great Eastern Cutlery trapper.

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    Busse SJTAC, Benchmade 375, Benchmade 275, Cassel Pack.

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    I love the diversity of edc knives. Its not like guns at all. Some of everything goes in peoples pockets. Great options so far.

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    I recently reduced my knife EDC by three. I'm not sure how many I'm still carrying, but that's how many I removed last week!

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