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Thread: EDC Knife size

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    Mission drives the gear. EDC, Spyderco Pacific Salt for utility folder, Emerson CQC7 Or Commander for defensive use, and Clinch Pick for stabby pokey use. If camping, the clinch pick gets traded for an IZula, and a also have an ESEE3 or 6 for field use. Suit and tie would be Delica utility, Spartan Kranos or Microtech Ultratech, for defensive use and Clinch Pick. Canoeing, kayaking and swimming Pacific Salt, And ESEE3.

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    I've found lately that a Scallywag Tactical Privateer folder hits the sweet spot between length, width, heft, lock mech, and price.

    I'm a serial quality "budget" knife buyer. Ask my wife. No. Wait. Please don't.

    I haven't yet moved into the realm of carrying a fixed blade. I have before, a KBar TDI, but that's only been as a test to see if it'd work and if I could pull it off. I'll need to upgrade the sheath if I'm to carry it regularly. I've also thought about something small, like an ESEE Izula or Canidru to carry horizontally. I think that'd work well as I most often don't tuck a shirt in.
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    I mostly carry a knife because I like to. I donít really use it all that much living in a non-rural area. I sticker to smaller knives with thinner blades so they slice better when I do need them for a minor job. I just ordered a PM3 because it seemed like it would be a perfect size for my needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpydieSig View Post
    I like a folder between 3.5-4" personally. A big knife can do things a small knife can't but not vice versa...
    Yep. Most days I carry a ZT0452CF with a 4.1" blade. If I think I'm going to need to chop down a tree or something, I carry a ZT0300BW with a 3.75" blade.
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    3.5" folder. Cannot remember a time when that was not sufficient for EDC tasks.

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    I'm now carrying the largest edc knife I ever had, spyderco resilence. I got it as a Christmas present and I dont see the need for a knife this big but I guess it's good to have more blade to work with. To each their own. One rule I do follow is I'm not carrying a knife that's a hassle to replace money or availabilitywise.

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    I've found that for me, a 3.5-4" folder works for just about everything I've needed to cut. Anything bigger seems to take up too much real estate in my pocket. I mentioned in another thread that I'm currently carrying a Kershaw Link which seems to be holding up quite well.

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    For the last 2-3 years I have been very happy with my Microtech LUDT. The clip works well with everything I have needed to wear (jeans to tuxedo), never loose, just right. The blade shape works for all my needs so far. I can't think of a knife I have carried in the 50 years I have been tote'n a knife that I have liked better.

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