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    What is your go to camp knife?

    My family and I are going to start camping more and I am looking to buy a better knife. I am not looking to buy 5 or 6 for each task but I am looking for one that will work for most of my needs. I was looking at the EESE 3 but wasn't sure if a 4 or 5 would be better. Give me your thoughts. If I am completely wrong on my idea let me know what you use and why. Thanks

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    Esse 4. Big enough for chopping and batoning. Small enough for more delicate tasks. One of the most well rounded knives out there.
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    I own an Esee 3, 4, and a couple 6s. The 4 gets used the most, and (as MCgrease08 indicated) is a very handy/versatile size. Esee is hard to beat, from a cost/quality/warranty standpoint. Some additional features might want to consider are...

    1) Do you want a coated blade or not? I lean towards uncoated blades, as with use the coating wears off anyway.
    2) Carbon steel or stainless? Generally, I prefer carbon steel for bushcraft and camping. If I was in a marine environment or wanted something that wouldn't be used/maintained very often, I'd look at stainless steel. I've got a Fallkniven F1 in stainless and it's an amazing blade (another one you should look at).
    3) Do you want a 90 degree ground spine (to strike ferro rods). Sometimes called a sharpened spine. You can sharpen the spine on your own, but if you want it that way off the bat.
    4) What kind of blade grind do you want? E.g. scandi, convex, sabre, full flat, etc. This should be dictated by your primary intended use. Scandi is great for detailed bushcraft work but doesn't work as well as sabre for batoning. Convex typically has a very durable edge and can be easy to sharpen by hand with a little practice.
    5) Full tang? I would accept nothing less than a full-tang knife for your intended use. Mora now has a full-tang option, if that interests you.

    Many of these options are available from Esee and manufacturers. Esee also just released some new handle/scale options (3D) that are very comfortable in the hand.

    Good luck with your search!
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    That Esse looks cool.

    Not really a knife per se, but I take my Leatherman. Has a decent blade plus some other tools. Great for fishing use.

    However, I do also carry a filet knife (cleaning fish) and a camp saw for cutting firewood. The Leatherman is the only thing that is on my belt. I did at one time carry a boot knife but it proved to be unnecessary. I think I took my Kabar once too.

    For reference, I am primarily a canoe camper so we travel light...but not as light as a backpacker.
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    What all tasks would you like to use the knife for?
    What is your budget?
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    Can't go wrong with an Esse. One knife that I've used for the task is a Mora. Although not quite as stout as an Esse per se it has been more than capable of doing the task as an all around camping knife.

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    i'll second the mora for general camp use. There are better tools for chopping, etc, but the Mora is very slicey and does most tasks around camp well.
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    I have used a Buck 110 for many hunting and camping trips. You can buy a more expnesive knife, but Buck 110s have always done everything I needed done.

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    Whoops fingers didnt work right.

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    ESEE 6 and a Mora Companion together.

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