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Thread: looking for a decent made in USA knife for trimming meat

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    For trimming, like trimming fat from a brisket, I prefer a fillet knife. Having a blade that flexes and conforms to the contour of the meat is nice.

    And my favorite fillet knife is the one on the left. An old Olsen that I bought at a garage sale for a buck or two. I don't know what the steel is, but it is as flexible as a rubber band. And I can easily sharpen it to the point that it will cut you if you look at it wrong.

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    If you process deer commercially, not one or two a year, but 400 a year you need knives that will hold up, go outside USA and buy swiss Victorinox knives, same people that make swiss army knives. my oldest is 10 years old and getting too worn out after sharpening everyday during deer season.

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