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    Quote Originally Posted by db1959 View Post

    Now show the cheek riser.
    Yes, she's had a bit more custom work done to her. I've done these custom stock riser on four 10/22's before but cutting into this older Marlin gave me pause. I knew I'd have a hard time replacing this stock if I truly messed up on her.

    We started out strapping her down in a rifle sled and drilling two pilot holes for the bolts before cutting the stock piece out. I had made a paper template that we taped to the comb that gave us a guide for placing the holes and cutting the stock.

    Everything was sanded down smooth.

    We needed to use a locking nut to screw the the wood slotted insert nuts into the hard oak stock. If not you will break the soft brass insert nut. We also have to drill the holes out bigger to accommodate the insert.

    Here is what it looks like finished. I opted to keep the riser flat and parallel with the barrel verses the downward slant it was in, which is why I put uneven spacers in. We also drilled the holes at the top a bit bigger so that the socket cap screws would be counter sunk. At this point you need to take it all apart and stain and varnish the bare wood.

    Here is the finished product.

    Now as beautiful as I think she looks, she's just a hilljack like me, but she shoots just fine and we held our own at the match we shoot yesterday. I continue to struggle with the learning curve of these sights and making changes to get comfortable behind her. We're getting closer to that comfortable place and when we get there is will be glorious.
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