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    I’ve got this nephew...

    Who wants to get his ‘96 ‘Mitsubishi 3000 GT4 Spyder painted and the “pinch welds” underneath the car fixed.
    He seems concerned about the convertible roof. Can I have him drive it by the shop and let you take a look at it? If so, when are you back from Sema?
    thanks, VinceU1
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    Hi Vince,
    I am back and yes he can bring it by, but let him know that refinishing should on a car like that will start around $5000.00 and go up from there depending on what type of repair work needs done and if it is the pearl white they liked using so much.

    We don't do much in thee way of overall paint jobs just because it is not cost effective using the quality of materials and the amount of disassembly and preperation required to do it properly.
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    I’ll let him know. The car is red by the way, not that it really matters.��
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