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    Quote Originally Posted by Expat View Post
    But surely forgivable in discussing s@ltw@ter fishing...
    Preferable to just add the space in salt water fishing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rookie View Post
    Can we get **** removed? Seriously, it's a juvenile word that isn't that offensive, but it does screw up certain links.

    ...or to say "market (remove the space)"

    I will advocate against that word's removal, given that, juvenile or not, it's a word that is almost as offensive to most women I know as that four letter word beginning with C and rhyming with the smallest member of a litter of puppies or kittens. Yeah, it's frustrating to have your links busted, but the benefit of it being blocked is greater in my estimation than the detriment caused by its removal.

    The words in the filter are sometimes odd, yes, but they are usually there for a reason, and that reason is usually that they were abused at one or another point in time. If you find one that makes no sense to you, make your case. The final decision to add or remove a word from the filter rests with texkev. (Please don't inundate the man with requests... if you see a usage that seems odd, just report the post so the whole staff can see it, and in your report, include your rationale and reasoning. You can always PM us if there's more info than you could fit into your initial report.)

    Finally, I'd like to ask that no one get wrapped around the axle over this or that term. It's an easy fix to say "salt water" or "market watch".
    It's a simple matter to call Obama a rectal orifice, rather than the other word.
    Challenge and expand your vocabulary where you can, rather than just resorting to an expletive.


    Thanks for your help in keeping this a great forum!
    Forum Rules#######Classifieds Rules##############?!?! wait...what?

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    Meh. I think it's silly, but, at the end of the day, I really don't care. I'll continue as normal and type whatever and let the filter catch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill of Rights View Post
    ...or to say "market (remove the space)"
    Which breaks links. It's a shame the software isn't well written enough to know stand alone words vs strings of letters, or that exceptions can't be written in.

    That said, I agree with rookie. It's silly to but not something I care much about. We already have a rule against insulting others, so calling someone a profane name should be covered. I'm not sure the sky would fall if the filter was loosened or removed.

    L'otters are not afraid.

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