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    Email notifications missing

    I'm no longer getting email notifications to all of my subscribed threads. I get it for some of them but not all. I'm also not getting notifications of new PM's or feedback. This seems to have started within the last week or so. Nothing changed on my email and they are not in the Spam folder. I do get them for an ammo thread and for a videos thread in the Parabellum sub-forum.

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    I Care...Really
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    I will run this up the chain so it is seen today.

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    checking, anyone else have any issues?
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    I'm receiving PM notification through my email.
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    Now I'm not getting them for threads I previously was, ie the 2 cent 22 thread.

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    On a side note I have been receiving the email blasts from the site promoting multiple threads. Still no emails about subscriptions or PM's.

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    I received the "newsletter" email so I'm not block and neither is INGO. Besides that I'm not getting any notifications. Any progress on repairing this?

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