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    Posting Photos from Imgur to INGO

    This is assuming you already have an Imgur account. I use the app on my phone usually, but this is for a computer.

    Log in to Imgur -> New post -> Upload Images

    New window pops up -> Browse to select your image OR Drag and drop your image (that's what I did)

    Hey look! It's your image now in your Imgur library

    Top right corner of image if you hover over, an arrow appears and if you click it you can "Get share links" want to do that.

    Another new window pops up. Copy the BBCode link (If you hit the blue "copy" button it will copy it for you)

    Go back to INGO!

    Paste your copied link in the post.

    Look, it's your image!

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    I'll add the mobile app version.

    Take you pic and select share. Find the IMGUR icon and upload it. Select Hidden if you want. Then hit POST.

    Once it's posted, it will say VIEW in the upper right hand corner, where POST was. Tap it.

    Then this screen will pop up. Notice the green SHARE button. That link that you copy won't post on INGO for some reason. You need to tap the picture again to get to this screen below.

    Notice the black bar at the bottom with the download arrow, the heart and another share triangle. The link in that share triangle works on INGO. Select it, copy to clipboard and paste it into the IMG window of your post.

    NOTICE. This is for Android. It works for me. Apple may be different.

    Need help posting Pictures? GO HERE
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    Thanks guys.

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    My problem is I can't get the picture to upload, when I try it says that it is uploading but nothing happens
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    Always select hidden, unless you choose to have public commentary. I upload most pictures from my phone since they originate there. I don't recall how to make Imgur uploads on the computer private?

    I normally use a different service for computer/web based picture posting.

    They have a simple drag and drop interface front page that you don't have to sign up as a member to use. Nothing to make private when you aren't saving to an account.
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    I still have to copy to the clipboard and add [IMG] [/IMG] aroung the .jpg to get the picture to come up on my Note8.
    When i poke the second, (or the first) share triangle, I don't get to see the links. I seem options of places/ apps to share the picture too. Gmail, messaging, etc. The link will show up if I post it to the clipboard then bring it here and add the IMG tags.
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    What is IMG window Bigtanker said to paste into.
    When I try to post pic I just get this
    How do I get IMG file using mobile app?
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    [IMG] your link [/IMG]

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    Need help posting Pictures? GO HERE
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