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    My pics disappearing from my ads in Classifieds

    I just sent churchmouse a pm about this.

    My ad I put in last evening with 5-6 pics for my Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm revolver was just fine last night.
    I even went in a couple of times and correct errors, editing it.

    I just noticed all the pics are gone!!!!!!!!

    This happened last weekend with the ads for:
    NAA magnum
    Beretta Tomcat
    Beretta Bobcat

    Is there a problem?

    I just noticed it is not doing it on my phone, just my work computer????
    I'll check my home computer: I'll bet there is a problem with the filter again at work.

    Sorry to bother.

    Anyone else have this issue at work with filters?

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    II see them. They are there. Stand down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    II see them. They are there. Stand down.
    1. I'm at home: they are there, sorry to bother.
    2. As I suspected: must be a work filter thing.

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