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    New member could use some help...

    I posted this in the new members forumas well....

    Hello guys-

    I joined here back in 2012 as I have a very good friend that lives down in Brazil and wanted stay up to date on Indiana gun issues and news. I never really had a need to post and only perused the site from time to time to read areas of interest. Well, I have been looking for an over and under for my grandson's birthday next month and stumbled upon this thread:

    I cannot contact the member to inquire as I do not have the 50 required posts....yet! I wonder if a moderator or another member could have this gentleman contact me? I cannot send or receive PM's. Thanks for the help!


    I can be contacted via PM now I believe as I paid the membership fee, will try to contact the member via PM. . Thanks again, Jack
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    I would suggest looking into the site supporter option. For $20 you can immediately gain access to the classifieds and PM capabilities.

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    Thank you kindly, I will do so

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    Good luck.

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    Looks like this is all taken care of. Closing the thread.

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