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Thread: My avatar photo is sideways?

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    My avatar photo is sideways?

    Ok, finally got around to adding an avatar photo and itís sideways, how do I fix it. Working from an I-phone, desktop is down. Thanks

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    I'm thinking you'll need to rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise, wherever the image is hosted.
    Then save it.
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    Indeed it is. There are some computer-savvy members here that can probably help.

    I'm doing good to get on a website and type.
    It's ok! I'm an INGO member!

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    If you uploaded it straight from an iPhone, you can "edit" the image in your camera roll, rotate 90 degrees, and save it. Then re-upload.

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    Sometimes I have to screen shot an image and upload the screenshot. It seems pretty immune to rotating.

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    and sometimes you have to go into an editor like Paint. Rotate, save, then rotate back, save.

    I HATE how iPhones and certain web servers do/dont honor the orientation codes embedded in the file. I had one that would look fine on my desktop, but once it hit a webserver like eBay it would rotate. thats where I found the trick I suggested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennettjh View Post
    Indeed it is. There are some computer-savvy members here that can probably help.

    I'm doing good to get on a website and type.
    It is the same reason I quit offering items in the classifieds. I'm not computer savvy enough to get pictures from my phone to my computer, let alone "host" them somewhere, and then transfer them...
    I pass.
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    I got it fixed for ya!!

    (Found some new mod features in the process)

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