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    Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up

    I have received two PM's today but have not had a notification pop-up as I normally would. This has greatly delayed my noticing I had messages.

    I checked and I still have the box checked to receive the pop-up notices.

    Has there been a system upgrade that would cause this or am I the only one and should be looking on my end for a problem? Thanks

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    I haven't had pop up notifications for a long time, no idea why. I set my notifications to instant notification by email.

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    I also get the email notifications but don't want the constant annoyance of getting emails on my phone so I don't get those unless I'm on my desktop. Sometimes I pay a small price for being set in my ways.

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    Do you have a pop up blocker on your browser? I haven't tested to see placing an exception on the pop blocker on the browser fixes this being suppressed or not, but just a thought. I did test sending myself a message and did not receive the pop up on this browser either (but again I do not have an exception for to allow pop ups). I did get the little number 1 show up in the notifications in the right hand upper corner.
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    Most browsers these days have a pop-up blocker built-in. That's where you should be looking.

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