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    Redbrush Vs. Daniel Boone Gun Club

    Hi all I have moved and left my happy home with multiply ranges (pistol and a 400yd Rifle) behind. I live in Evansville IN. I am looking at getting a membership to redbrush or Daniel boone Gun club. But do not know which one to go with. So please sound off and tell me you opinion on both or just the one you like and why.

    Thanks for helping

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    looks like you dont have a choice....daniel boon is full and not taking new members

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    Besides Red Brush is a great place!

    Been a member there goin on 4 years, been shooting there for almost 10.

    Good group of guys, and they allow Full-auto, not for everybody, but for some of us it's the thing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerj112 View Post
    Really? I did not know that....
    the phone# u call is for rajos guns and they say they r taking apps but that daniel boone is full but i think u can get on a waiting list

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    Both are excellent ranges and are different enough to make it an easy choice as I think they cater to different folks. I belong to Redbrush and shoot often at Daniel Boone with a friend. My humble pros and cons are as follows:

    Daniel Boone: Pros - closer to Evansville than Redbrush by about 15 minutes or so, well maintained, small clay thrower on site for general use, good helpful folk and a social atmosphere, frequent pistol and rifle target matches. Cons - Single large bay means lots of cease fires for people to go down range, 200 yard max range, limited bench space for rifles, firing lines at 25yds and 50yds tough to work around for closer pistol shooting, porta-potties.

    Redbrush: Pros - large rifle range out to 375 yds with 500 yds opened several times a year, 4-5 seperate pistol bays, up to 100 yards, means often you will have a bay to yourself, movable target stands, bathrooms, anything goes gun wise except no .50 bmg, monthly cowboy, sub-gun, steel, ipsc shoots and weekly steel and bowling pins in april-october, Cons - 25-30 minutes from the east side of Evansville.
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    Is the Evansville Gun Club still open?

    It was up in southern Gibson County, mostly shotgun and skeet I think.

    The Pike county Bird Hunters Club has some shotgun stuff once in awhile from what I have heard also.

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    There's WSSC as well.
    Not the longest range, but the people and the shoots make up for it.
    They're taking an extra 100 members next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CVMA544 View Post
    It was up in southern Gibson County, mostly shotgun and skeet I think.
    Evansville Gun Club
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    I belong to the Evansville gun club. It is a shotgun range but I heard they may be putting in a pistol range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hischj View Post
    I belong to the Evansville gun club. It is a shotgun range but I heard they may be putting in a pistol range.

    they used to have one (a few years ago at least) but harold (the owner) said it was leased to the warrick county sheriff's dept and couldnt be used, and before that it was only open to club members, but all the shotgun ranges are open to the public (or at least they used to be)


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