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    Where are the best gun building kits

    Hello-I have been reading this site for some time.
    Thank you for all the info.
    I want to start building a gun.
    I already own one Colt AR15 and thought I might build an AR.
    Any suggestions at what would be a good kit for a newbe.
    And I have read about all the great gunsmiths we have here in Indiana-When the build is done should I have it checked out by one of them?

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    For an AR, you probably dont need it inspected.

    As far as an AR kit, how involved do you want to get? Do you want to completely assemble the lower, and the upper, or do you just want to take a complete lower and attach a complete upper? Or a combo of the two? You can buy a stripped lower and a complete upper, or you could buy a complete lower and assemble the upper!

    It all depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend. Im sure someone else will tell you a bit more about which kits to user, etc. I have never done an AR build (getting ready to though) so I will leave that wisdom for someone who has, and I will be sitting patiently waiting to see what people recommend.
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    To the OP you need to be a little more clear on your intentions. What will you be using this for and how far into the build do you want to get. Also how much are you looking to spend? The possibilities are endless!!!!
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    DPMS, they have very tight specs.

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    conner prarie used to have a rifle building class. Start to finish and you make your own flint lock. That may not be what your talking about but one would learn alot I bet.

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    The fal is agreat gun to start building... The you missed the boat kits were CHEAP! But it not too late. Very simple with lots of good receivers out there.I have built alot of them... .308 power!

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    I have built up several rifles on Del-Ton kits and have been very happy with them. Sometimes the wait time for a kit is a little long, but the quality and customer service for the price is top notch.

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