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    Bob at Bite the Bullet

    This probably should be in the break room area but since it concerns a gun store and its future, I'll post it here.

    Talked with Bob, the owner of the gun store "Bite the Bullet" which is in Seymour for those not familiar with it. Bob gave me some very sad news today, he has a severe medical condition that is a great threat to his health and life. For his privacy, I will not release the exact condition publicly but lets just say, its going to be very very tough to beat. He has fought this illness before, but it is back and from what I understand from him is that doctors say its far more aggressive then the previous form. Sadly this may mean that not only is Bob severely sick, but it puts the future of the store up in the air. As of right now, he says no decision on the store's immediate future has been made yet. So for those in the area who have not ever been to Bite the Bullet or met Bob, I recommend getting out there soon and please keep him in your thoughts and if you so believe, your prayers as well.

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    Bob is a straight up great guy, I've shoot with him a few times and he's the type that is always ready to help with a problem with a pistol or reloading. I remember when he was sick the last time and hoped that was the end of it. Sometimes life is not fair, Good Luck to a old friend

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    I heard about Bob a couple of weeks ago. He's one of the good guys in shooting sports. He's been a competitive shooter at Master level for many years. He does everything he can to get new people involved and promote the sport of competitive shooting. He has been the driving force behind the local range and club for several years and does everything from scheduling matches to mowing the grass.

    I enjoy stopping by his shop. He always has time to talk and answer any questions even if you don't buy anything.

    I wish him luck in fighting this issue and hope to see him at the range this summer.

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    Don't know him, but I wish him well and wish him peace in whatever battle it is that he has to fight.
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    Bought my first Wilson from Bob Trueblood. Like the others have posted, he is one of the good guys in shooting sports, and I have always enjoyed my visits to his shop. Prayers for Bob.

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    My thought and prayers have been with him and will continue to be with him.
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    Last time I was in the shop, Bob looked ill. I was worried that something might be wrong and now that I read this thread I am concerned. Bob is a great guy and Bite the Bullet is my favorite shop. I frequently send friends there. Bob is really helpful, especially when working with novice handgun owners. My wife will be upset to hear that he is not doing well.
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    Our thoughts and prayers will be with him and his family!
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    Really got to know Bob well after shooting with him a lot last season. He hooked me up with all of my reloading stuff and I just a great guy.

    He's one tough old Marine that I'm happy to call friend.

    Big props to INGOer BigHank for helping them out in the shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GARANDGUY View Post
    Our thoughts and prayers will be with him and his family!

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