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    Question What do you wear at the range?

    Is there any special clothes that you wear when you go to the range?

    Besides eyes and ears protection, what kind of gear/clothing do you wear (special pants with lots of pockets to carry all your shooting crap, gloves, hat, knee pads, INGO shirt ... whatever it might be) or fo you just grab your range bag full of ammo and wear everyday clothes or whatever you have on?

    Im just wondering because I see some guys with full "tacticool" gear from head to toe at the range (camo pants, tactical underwear probably and such ... ).
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    Whatever I have on. Anything from shorts/t-shirts to jeans and a polo.

    Tacticool just isn't my thing.
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    Full battle gear.

    ...but seriously, I just wear whatever. If I'm in tennessee I'll at least wear jeans, since we shoot in a wooded area.

    All my gear is in midway pistol/rifle bags, and such, so I usually don't carry anything other than a few bags.

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    If its outdoor for rifle, weather appropriate. Jeans in cooler months, shorts in warmer months. Maybe a hat or shirt that has a gun vendor or saying on it. Other than that, just another day.

    Indoor, whatever I have on at the time.

    Not into the tacticool look.
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    I just wear my normal clothing for most range outings.

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    I just try to make sure I'm not wearing somehting with a big or "loose" collar. I hate having the hot brass hit the stall wall and fly down the back of my shirt. I also always wear either boots or sneakers.
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    I believe in training with what you have.

    I normally wear a t-shirt and jeans when I'm out and about. So, I always train in a t-shirt and jeans. I have in the past trained with khaki pants and a polo, because things are switched around when I'm in that type of dress attire. (holster and mag pouches are in different places).
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    I wear normal every day clothing just like I would be wearing if I were attached in my car or on the street: Jeans or slacks with a loose fitting, untucked shirt hiding my left side cross carried G23 or 27. (I've found that I can draw more quickly than if I carry on my right hip or small of the back.) Other than sighting in a new pistol or new CT laser attached to one of them I practice a slow, careful draw while standing, get into a shooting stance and put two rounds into targets at 4, 7 and 10 yards. Today I also sat in a chair to simulate having to shoot from my car at someone attempting to open my door or reach thru the window. The target is only 6 feet away for that drill (all target frames are flimsy wood and aren't a ricochet problem.) But back to the question, I always wear normal street clothes.

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    Normal street clothes, plus my INGO hat
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