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    Free shipping on all orders over $50.00, placed this Wednesday through Sunday.

    Several popular items online will also be on sale Friday at 12:00am to Midnight. A full list will be posted on the 21st OSD Facebook Page at 9pm on Thursday.

    Jan, will be along shortly for the in-store specials as well.

    Kimber Ultra Raptor - $1095.00

    Blazer Brass .45ACP - $16.95/box

    PMC 9mm - $9.95/box

    Bushmaster ACR Basic - $1699.00

    FNH Scar 16s or 17S - $200.00 Off.

    DPMS Oracle 5.56 - $599.00

    H&R Handi-Rifle .357 - $219.00

    Sig Sauer P250’s 9 or 40 - $399.00

    Winchester SX3 Camo. - $1129.00

    On top of the items listed, you'll find deals on; bolt action rifles from today's top brands, laser sights for both rifles and pistols, and much more. We will be closed Thursday, but will reopen on Friday at 10am for regular business hours.
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    Added in store specials as well.

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    Check the OSD Facebook for online only specials!

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