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Thread: New Albany Gun Show cancelled without warning

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    New Albany Gun Show cancelled without warning

    This is the flyer that was passed out at Tom Allman's show about 3 weeks ago. I thought the promoter was taking a real chance with it being Mother's Day and so close to the last show, especially for a new and unknown gun show promoter. Apparently he backed out but I was one of several cars that showed up about 9:15 expecting to go to a gun show.

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    I live in New Albany and didn't even know about the show. Maybe word didn't get around too well. Sucks that you are out your time and gas for nothing, though.

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    I went to the previous one in New Albany and to the one at Seymour, held at Tanger Outlet center...a great venue I was pretty much gun showed out. I did go by Hi TEK in Sellersburg last week and found a used gun. I had been mildly interested in a carbine. I found one in better condition and priced less expensively at Hi TEK than at the gun shows. I couldn't pass it up, so I put it on layaway. Sorry about your disappointment.

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    I heard just a snippet about it, but couldnt find any information anywhere on the internet. Anyone know when it is rescheduled for?

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