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    Strong magnets and guns...

    I have a pack of tiny rare earth magnets, i dropped one and it stuck to the slide of my G19. this gave me the bright idea of putting a lot more on it. I put about a dozen of the magnets on the side of the slide and stuck the gun to the side of the fridge, the gun held fast right in the position i placed it and it was tough to pull off. I am going to use this as a way to mount my gun under a counter but first want to see if there are any negative effects of having these powerful magnets stuck to my gun long term?
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    I used to use rare earth magnets with a handkerchief over them to hold my pistol to my bedside table. Never hurt it, but there was the cloth barrier.

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    I have a shotgun hanging on the back of my safe like that. You can even hang mags up if there is enough iron in them.
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    Lead is non ferrous, so I think you're good.
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    Didn't you see Indiana Jones? The gunpowder will be magnetized and shift toward the magnets and then your bullet will come out sideways!

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    There's a company I've seen at gun shows selling a magnetic mount.

    I can't imagine any issues with it except finish wear.

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    Overtime, you could impart a small amount of magnetic charge in the weapon. Take a screw driver and rub it against a strong magnet a few times, near the tip. The tip will now have a slight magnetic charge, and it will hold onto screws.

    A magnetic charge should not pose any significant problems, but it could ever so slightly impede the various internal parts from sliding or actuating properly. Difficult to say for sure though.

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    I have some friends who use magnets to help mount HD weapons throughout their house (no kids or regular visitors to the home)

    No issues so far
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    Quote Originally Posted by RabbleRouser View Post
    Oh. What a nice magnet you have there.

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