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    Well spoken sir, count me in
    Shut up and color!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 42769vette View Post
    If S&W does this and not Glock I would even switch to M&P pistols.
    Now that's hardcore!

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    I screwed up and posted this to the wrong thread...

    But -

    Hey Shooter521... You guys at Bradis are listed as an Oly dealer. How about posting your Oly inventory first and foremost. That way we can make it disappear extra quickly. I think you guys ought to give the Oly and Larue (and anyone else who joins the party) top billing.

    Ditto for any other retailer. Display the patriot companies PROMINENTLY in your ads. Even to the point of "These guys are patriots - > Buy from them FIRST."

    What about you guys up in Bluffton? You guys are Oly distributors, right? Send a message. You don't think that the other manufacturers will listen?

    What do you say?

    NOTE: I'm not suggesting that you DON'T sell the "traitor" companies' stuff. But if there's a line to be drawn - let's draw it. If I have the choice of a pocket pistol between a company that has taken a stand and told NY to pound sand and say Kahr... I love my Kahr EDC - but I would let it go over the issue, and spend more money to replace it with one made by a patriot company.

    And yes, we need to start labeling them as patriots and traitors. No point mincing words. Apply pressure.
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    I'd like to shake your hand sir! Well said.
    Man is Not Free Unless Government is Limited - Ronald Reagan

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    If anyone has time to develope a list so far of companies to support and PM it to me, I can keep a current list in the original thread. Otherwise, ill find time this weekend to build a "support group".
    I thought Mosin Nagants came from the earth and there was a limitless supply of this raw fuel?

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    I actually called Olympic arms as soon as I heard what they were doing. I let them know that they just gained a customer and that I appreciated what they were doing. I in fact did say I speak for all my fellow Hoosiers because I know it's important to all of us. I even told him I don't even live in NY but the principle of what there doing is greAtly appreciated. If I could get Barrett phone number I would call them and let them know too
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    I'm in. Oly and LaRue are the only two I have seen pop up so far.

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    As one of the 29, 000+ members, you can speak for me on this subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArmedProgrammer View Post
    I'm in - Barrett took this stand with CA, I've heard that Olympic Arms did it in NY Who else?
    Here's a guy that's trying to keep track of such companies:

    New York Boycott - An NC Gun Blog
    -- Jeff B

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    I know that Oly, Larue, and Barrett are U.S. manufactured, but what do you guys think is the likely hood that we can get foreign manufacturers to participate (Glock, Sig, Beretta, etc.) based on our 2A concerns? I would think that their decision would be based solely on the loss of business to american citizens rather than the 2nd amendment. Thoughts?
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