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Thread: Gun range coming to Carmel?

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    Gun range coming to Carmel?

    a possibility, according to the Indy Star...

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    That would be nice. It's not too far from me and would be the closest place to shoot, but I have a feeling that the prices are going to be steep. I wonder if they'd be looking to hire. I've always wanted to work in a gun shop/range.
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    That would be a great location!!! There are no gun shops in the area, which is hard to believe considering the population density in the area.

    Another plus, I could ride my bike there!!! Time to start designing a rifle rack for my bike!!!

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    and a Dairy Queen across the parking lot, what could be better?

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    Park Place Motors is not at 969 Rangeline rd.

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    Ooh I know right where that is. Would be cromulent to have one as close, almost as close as Don's was when it was up here. Hope they can get their T's dotted and their I's crossed; the city's not that friendly.

    I think there's a shortage of stores in the area more because of the concentration of soccer moms than anything.
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    Range Coming to Carmel

    Looks like Carmel may be getting a range soon

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    I saw that too. If it doesn't require a zoning change, will that increase the chances that it will actually happen? Between that, and the fact that the location is good for not having much residential area immediately around it, hopefully there won't be too many people raising a stink over it. Heck, I would be able to ride there on the Monon. Hit the range with my son, then grab a snack at the DQ, or the crepe place across the street. That would be a good day.

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    Sweet holy Jesus, my prayers are answered, that's within a half mile of me.
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    That's close by to me also. I really hope this goes through. Currently I'm heading to Kokomo to use a range.

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