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    Need to make a backstop

    Any rules of thumb for making a good backstop?
    Materials you have used?

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    Whats your budget and firearms you plan on using? What kind of distances? Most people use railroad ties, dirt/sand, and even sheets of AR500 steel if you want to spend the money. The height and width all depends on what you are wanting to do but in my opinion you can never have too much backstop.

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    25 yd pistol range. Budget: cheap. Figured I would use railroad ties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphabrace View Post
    25 yd pistol range. Budget: cheap. Figured I would use railroad ties.
    AND DIRT, I hope ....
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    I got a buddy that stacked up firewood. Probably a rick or so stacked. Kind of put it at an angle so no daylight seen from the shooting line. Seems to work pretty good. I used a big piece of oak. The stump that I cut off after bringing the tree down. About 20-24" across and the slab was about 18" thick. Staple target to it and start shooting. Had a hill behind it.
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    Tires stacked and filled with sand work. I shot at a range that had them stacked up about 5' and two rows thick all filled with sand. I never saw anything go through the back stop.

    I used logs that I took down to make the range and stacked them up and covered the back of them with dirt 6' thick. It has worked fine so far. I do keep adding dirt to them. It seems that the rain washes a lot of it away. I wish it was taller. I plan to bring it up 2' this winter and add another 50' in distance.

    I use old AC boxes filled with dirt and fasten a peace of plywood to them to staple targets to. They set in front of the back stop. After they get so many holes in them that they won't hold dirt any more I replace them. If you are shooting 22 or 380 most don't go through the AC box filled with dirt. 5.56 and up will go through the box and stop in the back stop. Some of the holes from the 358 Winchester and 308 Winchester are really impressive coming out the back of the box. They make some big holes.

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    I went through an issue with a backstop before and about all I can say is Hamilton county IN did not like railroad ties, they wanted dirt.

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    Rail road ties in the back and sides with dirt inside of that. Makes a good backstop.

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    Here's what I did in order to place my backstop as close to the property line as possible and to cut down on how much dirt was needed. I got old poles for free from the local power company. I used a backhoe and dug a 3' trench. Then stood 10' sections of old telephone poles in the trench and back filled them leaning a little towards the shooter. After that I placed all of the left over short pieces in front of those. Finally I piled my dirt in front of that. The weight of the dirt causing the poles to straighten back up. Brought the side of the hill out 10' as a wing to catch splatter from the steel.

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