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    VIDEO: Impact Guns Staff Machine Gun Shoot

    Awesome video...

    I love the intro...

    WARNING: The following is known to cause cancer or mild discomfort in the state of California.


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    In God We Trust............everyone else keep your hands where I can see em!!!

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    if im shooting full auto Im going to be damn sure I have some eye pro on. looks like fun and a gigantic waste of ammo

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    Wow. Lost of shooting there.
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    The 12 second burst from the rifle with the drum on it made me hungry. I can't believe those targets downrange stayed up. They put like 10,000 rounds downrange in that video!

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    Jeez I just want to collect their brass:do2:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nehemiah View Post
    "Don't be afraid of the enemy! Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes!" - Jerusalem 445 BC
    Quote Originally Posted by Jesus View Post
    "If you don't have a gun, sell your coat and buy one." - Jerusalem April 14th, 30 AD - Thursday, 11:38pm IST
    Quote Originally Posted by Fenway View Post
    INGO SUCKS.....

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    That video made me miss my MP5 soooo bad.
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