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    Paul V. at Diamond V Outdoor Sports in Delphi - I've had him look over some older pieces for me and I've been happy as a clam..


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    Added thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Que View Post
    I've banned a couple of people while in church.

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    For Northwest Indiana. Master Gunsmith.

    Delmar R Mounts III
    D&D Weapon Works LLC.
    1221 S. Halleck St.
    Demotte, Indiana 46310
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    Specializes in Manganese and Zinc Phosphate coatings "Parkerizing". Also CeraKote, Dura Coat, KG Gun Kote.

    KRC Refinishing
    Avon, Indiana
    Chris Conlon

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneBadV8 View Post
    Central Indiana

    Darrel's Custom Firearms (765) 492-3939
    When I used to live in the People's Republic of Communois, I know that the cops within an hour of the border would take their business to Darrel as his reputation was impeccable. I have not used him for any work, but several others I know had used him in the past.
    The 1911 was the design given by God to us through John Moses Browning that represents the epitome of what a killing tool needs to be. - Col. R.J. Coates, USMC
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    I have most of my work done by Russ Elmore at Elmore's Firearms he is a graduate of Colt, Glock, Sig Sauer, Remington, and Smith & Wesson Armorer Schools.

    Occasionally, there is something that can't be handled there and they have people they can send your gun out to if need be.

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    here is one near new paris.LJ'S gunsmithing,LLC longgun/handgun cleaning and for appointment 574-831-6381.personal had my fal fixed there,nice guy to work with.prices arent bad

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    Any recommendations for someone who can center a Truglo sight on the front of a Sig P226? The shop where I purchased has had three tries at it, and hasn't been able to get it right (not using a sight pusher, I found after the fact). Much obliged for advice.
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    Is George Perkins still around? I used to see him at the 1500 and talk with him occasionally at his shop but I haven't in a while and I notice he isn't mentioned in this thread so.......?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Freeman View Post
    Stu Grell in Fountain County.

    Stu rides a circuit of gun shops and you can leave work for him at the Tippecanoe Sport Shop in Lafayette: Tippecanoe Sport Shop

    For cleaning and repair, Stu is outstanding, often fabricating parts if he cannot find them. I have had Stu set up several rifles and carbines as I have requested. He has repaired more than several pistols that I have broken/shot out. Extremely competent.

    Steve Snyder in Brookston. I use Steve for pistol work (trigger jobs on revolvers and I've had minor work on 1911s performed by him). Steve is a machinist and active competitive shooter. Solid pistolsmith.

    Steve Snyder (765) 563-6121.
    Is he the only one in Lafayette area?

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