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    Buying land just to shoot on?

    Has anyone considered this or actually done this? Would love to hear some thoughts.

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    If you aren't anywhere close to a range, it might be an idea. Otherwise, I'd probably just go too a range. Seems awful expensive for that purpose.

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    Sure. Why not. It is a free country. IDK what you do with your property.
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    I've definitely thought about it. No range rules to follow, come & go as you wish, and no people to deal with.

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    It's a good idea.
    The land has many uses and shooting is only one.
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    I would like to buy land that i could shoot on. Ideally we could hunt, have access to water for fishing, and possibly build a cabin on it later. Plus, the right property would be a good investment, imo. Husband is not on board, regardless if we can afford it or not. He says people would trespass and vandalize when we are not there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CindyE View Post
    I would like to buy land that i could shoot on. Ideally we could hunt, have access to water for fishing, and possibly build a cabin on it later. Plus, the right property would be a good investment, imo. Husband is not on board, regardless if we can afford it or not. He says people would trespass and vandalize when we are not there.
    As someone that lives on 23 acres I will say he is partially right. What I experienced was a few folks hunting when I first bought it. (I got it from the original owner/ builders widow who hadn't been in the woods for years) I politely approached them and let them know ow she didn't own the property anymore and I bought it so I could hunt and use it and didn't want anyone on it. Didn't have too many issues.

    I didn't plan on having anyone cited until the second year and word was out then I wouldn't have put up with it.

    Yes people have and will trespass but to be truthful the biggest problem I have had and co workers in other area has had was during deer season. People become crazy acting and thinking they can do what they want.

    Good luck

    Just mark your lines, develop good relationships with your bordering property owners and it hasn't been bad for me.

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    I have family property I take care of out in the country and hope to eventually make a small shooting range.

    My advantage is that I have had a new Amish family move next door that can easily keep an eye on things and the risk of extreme vandalism is reduced, but not gone.

    I would consider what kind of "shape" you expect the property to be kept in. Do you want it mowed? If so, a good mower on hand is necessary or else you need a good trailer and riding mower. Do you want a gravel road? If so, where do you put it. Some of these are simple things to determine while others will take more thought. If you drive there one day will you want to spend the night? If so, camping or small building? This would become a much more important issue the farther away from home the property is.

    I have learned that animal control is way down out in the country. I planted trees that the deer destroyed. In our building mice have invaded and the cleanup and constant trapping has been hell. When you don't live somewhere all the time animal infestation risk increases exponentially. If you do build consider aluminum or steel sheeting that cannot be chewed through to keep mice and other critters out. More expensive, less headaches.

    Neighbors are an issue, both good and ill. Three (3) of our five (5) nearest neighbors are all Amish and are great for keeping to themselves and respecting our property. Our biggest issue has been the English neighbors who want to hunt or trespass. Most have gotten the message, but a few need...reminding.

    If you plan to hunt you will need more acreage. While I have had several opportunities on our 10+ acres to kill some deer, that has been very sporadic. I would guess you would want a minimum of 10 acres, but the hunters on here would be able to answer this more than me. I would also guess location would be important to whatever you want to hunt. We have a pond so it does draw some wildlife to it.

    You can get some land fairly inexpensively up in Northern Michigan. I would think other locations that are poor for farming would be less expensive as well. However, drive time and crossing state lines may incur logistical issues.

    For me, I have my own private park out in the country. I can go shoot, cook over an open fire, bring friends for fireworks or Halloween parties for the kids, etc. It has been extremely relaxing and rewarding.

    Good luck,

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    We did...Bought a small shack with about an acre....Gun range was already there I just had to tweak it...A back stop of a bluff...A little weekend home and a private gun range for less than the price of a used truck...

    Shack built about 1890 or so...Maybe earlier by twenty years...Fireplace is from the 1860's-1870's....

    Even put in a tub for cooling off with adult beverages after shooting...I have a .22 trap set so I can shoot paper from the tub...(Not with an adult beverage in my hand....)

    In the 1980's Belinda Carlisle of the Bangles??? Said one should try to "make Heaven a place on Earth..." We went for it...
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    Wife and I hashed over this many times. It's a no go for us.

    How do you police it?
    Critters and mother nature take over if your not there.
    Locals know you aren't there so they saw wood, vandalize, poach, and destroy. Then if they fall out of a tree and shoot themselves it's your fault.

    Found a range close to the house. Best hundred bucks I ever spent. Figured be money ahead by taking trips and renting places. At the end we pack it up and leave. No responsibility, maintenance.
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