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    Massad Ayoob's new book

    I received an advanced copy and am recommending it to anyone who carries for self defense or deals with criminals professionally. It's a little sampler of a lot of topics, each written by someone Mas believes to be a subject matter expert. He reached out to folks in multiple disciplines (cops, lawyers, psychologists, etc) so there's a lot of things of interest you may not have even realized would have been of interest.

    In the words of Mas, "...a gathering of a dozen SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) each addressing the specific element of threat management for which they are most famous..." Mas rightfully points out each subject could be a lifetime study in and of itself, but the "sampler platter" approach is a valid one and just knowing the highlights of a given field may make a difference for you.
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    It makes a perfect bookend to "In the Gravest Extreme"...Thanks for posting brother....

    I have read some of the authors and may have even met Spencer Blue one time....
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    I'll add this to the reading list. Thanks BBI!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 88E30M50 View Post
    I'll add this to the reading list. Thanks BBI!
    With most writers on the subject of such matters it seems like you have to wade through a bit of B.S. to get to the meat...What I always liked about Massad was there was no B.S. Just meat...It's hard to explain but it's the vibe I get from reading his stuff....There is no fluff...In the Gravest Extreme is a perfect example...Small book with zero filler...I am looking forward to this book...
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    I'll pick this one up once it's back in stock. Looks like a good read.
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    thanks I'll have to check this out.

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    I will most certainly buy that book....I read all his stuff.
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    Another Must Read!
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    added to my list
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    Added to my wishlist for when it comes back in stock.
    Mas is one of the gun writers with something valuable to say, and he makes it interesting every time.

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