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    How Is Kokomo Show (July 22nd)? Worth Drive?

    Curious how the Kokomo Show is... Not been there do not know what to expect. Is it worth 1 1/2 hour drve??? Lots of gun stuff or full of beanie babys, jewelery and snake oil?

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    I have been down to it a few times and usually find something I am interested it. They usually have quite a few tables of used guns. Of course Brad usually makes me buy a knife every time I go down there.

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    The knife scene is excellent ... if you go to Brad's tables.

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    I give the show about a 3 out of 10. Same stuff over and over.
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    I like it, last firearm purchase was a used Browning A5 12 gage semi-auto shotgun in very fine condition for $400. I usually find something I want/need. Last show I attended there I purchased several items for an AR build ~ Barrel, upper receiver, Stock with buffer assembly, forearm and misc. Lots of used firearms, some collectable firearms (though the owners seem too proud of them for me). There are a few vendors of Jerky, eyeglass cleaner, nuts etc., but not any more than most other shows.

    Last show had 2 well stocked vendors of AR firearms, lowers, uppers, parts and accessories at darn good prices. 2 or 3 knife vendors (including Brad). Sometimes a guy there with BP accessories and parts. DON"T come expecting to purchase any food from the vendor there, as it is the worst of any GS I attend. However there are several good restaurants near by including Cracker Barrel, Golden Corral etc. I will be going with my son either Saturday or Sunday.
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    There are some older guns there so if you are after something specific then it might be worth the drive. I enjoy going but I'm only about 35 min away. I'll be there Saturday at some point.

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    It's hit or miss. Ha!!
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    It is hit or miss, especially during the summer.
    The venue is nice.
    If the drive wasn't so far, it would rank higher on my scale.
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    Usually 225 to 250 tables but I have seen it as many as 300. All the details at:
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    I live 10-15 minutes away and I don't go...

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