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    I don't have an AK or a 12 gauge. I'm doomed!

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    22lrs will be become the new king when SHTF, everyone has a 22lr, or at least that's what I've been told. 22lrs and batteries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by singlesix View Post
    22lrs will be become the new king when SHTF, everyone has a 22lr, or at least that's what I've been told. 22lrs and batteries.
    I love 22's for small game and birds.
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    The biggest issue is that everyone should and do have their own choice due to the second amendment. I have several rifles from an air pellet gun, 22cal, muzzle loaders, Shotguns, AK, AR, Garand's, M1 carbine, LR-308, Swiss, Swedish, English, German etc. war rifles, ranging in caliber from the 22 to 50 BMG. I also have several handguns and Revolvers from 22 to 44 mag. Son and I have ammo for ALL sufficient to last his lifetime.

    In a SHTF scenario, everyone's needs may be totally different. a person living in a home surrounded by other homes may be needing a handgun and a shotgun. A person in a rural may need a long range rifle, a hunting firearm like a 22 for small game as well as one for deer and a shotgun for rabbit and bird. To each his own.

    As far as the article goes it is quite full of misinformation, One thing he made a big issue of is the magazine release on the AK, while ignoring the fact the AK holds 20 to 40 rounds in one magazine while the shotgun holds 5?. Even with the mag issues it is still several times faster to reload the AK. Then he goes on to say the AK can fail, duh, I have had shotguns fail too and I would estimate the failure rate exceeds the AK.

    No one gun fits all, Some due to money may have to use Hi-points (a pretty reliable firearm if ugly) others have Les Baer custom). Both will work!

    The possibility of a SHTF issue is somewhat likely though it is not possible what form it would take. It may be a local riot and your only issue is to prevent someone entering your home for a short period of time.

    It could be a natural event (earthquake, volcano etc.) that causes a long term issue in major cities regarding food, water or heat, in this event you would need to be prepared to stop crowds of people at longer range, preventing them from invading your home/property. Other issues for a rural family is that to provide a food source hunting may be mandatory. The firearm required would depend on the game available, skill of the hunter etc.

    I think everyone will have their own opinion on each of these subject and the author of the article has no better opinion than anyone else!
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    Unbalanced article by a shotgun fanboy (sounds like it anyway). As such, the reader learns little about the strengths and weaknesses of the platforms.

    The title mentions "SHTF," article mentions "natural disaster," and "home protection," - all are left nebulous with neither being defined.

    Furthermore, the article only mentions TWO controls on a pump shotgun, the safety button and the pump, - completely forgetting/omitting the action release.

    It's obvious the author hasn't even considered some things.

    The article's ideas are characterized by fuzziness. Pretty sloppy and about as useful.
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    some valid points but easily countered: most shotguns don't come with better sights than an AK and lets have a reloading competition: retaining an AK mag or shoving 9 new shells in a tube. "If you want to protect your self get a double barrel" So the author has a 9-shot pump but advocates a 2-shot while bemoaning reload speed of any box mag?

    Just goes to show you don't need a liberal arts/journalism degree to be a crappy writer. I read an article the other day about how decockers are the devil. I particularly liked the explanation of how there are two kinds, those that reset the lever and some that don't, which means you have to remember to reset the control before you can fire. I was confused for a minute until I realized those go by another name. About as well thought out of an article and about as well justified of an argument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRob View Post
    I don't have, don't want, and won't have an AK. Shotgun? Entirely different story.

    The beauty of all this is I get to make the do you.
    So do I. It's a discussion about tastes and preferences. Everyone has his own reasons, why he buys a gun. In addition to that, shotguns are more convenient and, therefore, more useful in everyday life - as long as you are not going to take part in a real war.

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    He's not just pro-shotgun, but specifically an 870 fanboi.

    As a lefty, I detest Remington's safety design and much prefer a thumb switch.

    His article was filled with vague, sweeping generalization and written at a fifth grade level (or lower) with gems like this: "If it ever gets dark where you live..." Where is this NOT true?
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    Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Freeman View Post
    Magic swords are for smoking hot chicks on Game of Thrones.
    Quote Originally Posted by patience0830 View Post
    Thread killing historian.

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    Cant the Ak fanboys and the shotgun fanboys come together and... oh wait....

    ..... Saiga For The Win!!!

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